Monday, April 2, 2012

postcards from me end the midget - 1ocked and 1oaded

To anyone unfamiliar with the format let me get you up to date. Every couple weeks I change the banner at the top of the page. And I take requests from YOU the reader. Traditionally we've used a dwarf tossing theme. We've had the little dude tossed towards a bed full of cash, through a dimensional portal, and kicked over a field goal. But their all suggested by you guys. Like the picture in this post. It was suggested by 1ockedand1oaded in my comment section.


Could you draw a midget flying through space on a fire extinguisher?

So their ya go guys. Leave a suggestion and I promise I'll get to it when I can. also if you guys want to check out elexerdelex's Blog you can check out the link here.

Thanks again for checking in guys.



  1. check out more postcards here

    Thanks for checking out my comment section everybody. I feel kinds silly calling begging people to my twitter. but PLEASSE add me up. I haven't tweeted in a while but I'm gonna change that.!/meandthemidget

    Thanks again guys.


  2. Awesome art as always buddy, great work man.

  3. Thats an awesome picture and it makes an awesome banner!!

  4. This is a great banner image, it is clever and eye catching!