Tuesday, July 31, 2012

me and the midget versus Sliquiman.

page one of three...or two. I'm not sure just yet. a3

Thursday, July 12, 2012

postcards from me and the midget - comic book crossover event

In the tradition of summer event comic book crossovers like Marvel's AvX, and DC’s new 52, Me and fellow comic artist Jeff Silva Have decided to do or own comic cross over. To be fair this decision was made over 4 month’s ago. And Jeff is apparently a much more productive artist/writer then me. So his was done almost immediately. It’s in Portuguese so it might not make much sense but let’s be honest not much about Me and the Midget has ever made sense. I’m currently working on my own strip which will feature his character and the character’s your familiar with. But now with no further ado I present to you Jeff Silva’s Slick - Me and the Midget Crossover and please, please, please, check out Jeff's blog http://jeff-desenhando.blogspot.com.br/
Pretty sweet eh? It's like when you see the Simpsons dubbed in french or something.... it just seems different. any way if your reading this Jeff you got the characters perfect! I hope I do your characters justice. thanks for checking in guys. a3