Monday, January 2, 2012

Post Cards from me and the midget- teleport gone wrong.

Happy New Year everybody. Every third post equals a post card from Me and the Midget. Which is when I take a suggestion from you guys for the banner at the top of this page. On November 10, 2011 GT said... how about some sci-fi with a teleport gone wrong? When I think of a teleport gone wrong I can only think of one thing..... The 1986 David Cronenberg classic THE FLY. And who better to tell that tale then the galaxy grifters themselves. You can check out GT's work here

Thanks again for the suggestion GT. I hope this is to your liking.

Also I got an e-mail from the fine people at saying the liked my blog. And who would I be If I didn't acknowledge it when someone say's something nice about my work. so check out their site, please.

I'm working on a new re imagined page right now I promise I'll get it up soon. Thanks again for checking in guys. a3


  1. Thanks for checking out my comment section everybody.
    Any suggestions for my next postcards would be appreciated. Also twittwr followers would be amazing.!/meandthemidget

    I need followers!!!!
    add me up for updates on daily life with the midget.


  2. Man, here's hoping you have an excellent 2012 buddy, great post as usual as well, have a great one mate!

  3. nice, sounds like more chuckles to be had.

  4. haha thats a funny comic, sounds like things are looking up for you, i hope they keep going that way

  5. Love the post card! Love the Fly! Glad you put them together!