Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Me and the midget-Birthday wishes.

This month Me and the Midget celebrate our first year of blogging. And the 3rd of January was my actual date of birth. I spent it working for your amusement. I've got some sweet ideas lined up for the this year guys. I'm working on a few new characters. And I hope to get back to a long format story. (I promise I'll dole out more than a page a month on that one.)

anyway friends and followers join Me and the Midget next week for Terry the slug the first of many new characters you'll be meeting this year.


  1. hahahaha yeah thats basically how it has been for me as well, minus the midget.

  2. Oh hoo Mr. Bart Your to modest. There is a little midget in all of us. every time the sunlight gleams that's YOUR midget,every time The song bird sings his little songs, That's YOUR midget.
    So LIVE Bart. LIVE like the midget.

    Thanks for the comment buddy.